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Enable your people to reach their full potential. Hansen Beck Canada delivers high-impact sales, management, and leadership training programs that spark positive change.

Transformational sales, management & leadership training

What is the main reason that people don’t achieve results?
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We enable change. To enable people to change, we need to increase their awareness.

Many people have the skills needed to be successful but are simply not aware of it. At Hansen Beck, we trigger positive change in people by increasing their self-awareness, confidence, and personal accountability. This encourages better decision-making and provides the courage to take on calculated risks, leading to sustained business results.

Hansen Beck Canada works with you to develop programs that enable your people to become more impactful versions of themselves. We focus on developing the whole person to instill the right mindset and skills to thrive and achieve your desired results.

Our professional training covers all areas of interpersonal influence including:

Samy Daenzer is Managing Director & Business Trainer for Hansen Beck in Canada, and a founding partner of Hansen Beck globally.

A dual Canadian/Swiss citizen based in Montreal, Canada, he successfully integrates his international experiences and perspectives within a localized context. Samy has been supporting clients in Canada and U.S. as a certified sales, leadership, and management trainer since 2015. He strives to enable people to become their best version of themselves.

Rudy Daenzer is a decorated behavioral change enablement trainer with over 40 years of leadership, management and sales experience as a practitioner and coach. He is Business Trainer & Coach for Hansen Beck Canada. Rudy’s positive influence over the Hansen Beck community of trainers cannot be understated.

A dual Canadian/Swiss citizen based in Montreal, Canada, Rudy established himself in Canada in 1993, building a large network of trusted clients and executive confidants. Rudy currently splits his time in-between training with his passion for golf, family and the fresh swiss alpine air.

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