The Importance Of Saying Yes To The Reality.

Inspiration or being inspired is the basic element when finding your inner motivation for what you do. You can be inspired by a good manager, a caring colleague, a loving spouse, or a dear friend.

That inspiration is the source that “lights” your motivation. When you are motivated, you find real enjoyment in what you do. It gives you energy, and you put your heart into it. That is when you deliver both excellent results and quality results. That is when you influence your surroundings positively, which also helps others find their inspiration. This again creates a good and healthy environment at work or home.


This is the core of our training in Hansen Beck. What can I do to improve my influence on others so that they can do the same?


After delivering training for more than 15 years, this becomes a passion. And to see how people can change and improve their results and often their life. 

The question “why am I enjoying myself” is often highlighted by our participants as you fill your subconscious with positive impulses and are helping yourself to focus on those things that give you energy!


Participants often share their experience of how the “tools” they learn from our training can have a much more profound impact than we ever imagined. Are these tools that we work with strong enough when we face a tough situation for us personally? A situation that goes beyond the usual lack of motivation, a customer’s meeting that went bad or perhaps you do not meet your target one month. 


I find a lot of our tools very helpful, both in business and in my private life. These are tools that go beyond just sales techniques; they are tools that help you through life!


Allow me to share a personal experience, from more than ten years ago, about one of our tools, Say YES to the reality!


My father and I worked together in the company he started decades ago, delivering management and sales training. He was very successful, and when I joined the company, we had several colleagues, all delivering good results. My father trusted me, and I was invited to become a board member, where we spent a lot of time planning for the future. We both loved these moments, often during weekends, having something nice in the glass and looking into the future. We were blessed by doing something we loved and, at the same time, made a decent living out of it! It was like a dream come true, and we enjoyed every minute of it!


After working together for a few years, one day in August, we received some horrible news. My father was diagnosed with cancer. He was treated with chemotherapy, and as the months went by, his condition went up and down, both as a reaction to the chemotherapy and the fact that the cancer was very aggressive. It was tough, but we were determined that we would win this fight!


In the April of the following year, his condition was much worse, and he was hospitalised. Then one day, after some surgery, the doctor talked with the closest family, and all hope was lost. We were told that it was only a matter of hours.


I was sitting in the room with my father next to his bed, just the two of us. It was so strange to see this man, my hero, so weak. We looked at each other for a long time. Then he lifted his arm and grabbed my hand, “My dear son, I’m so proud of you. I should have told you this more often than I have. I’m so proud of you. We had all these plans, you and I, all the things we wanted to achieve together in the future. Well, I’m dying now. I have one last piece of advice for you, my son. Although things will be different now, neither you nor I can change the fact that I am dying. So always remember to say YES to the reality! Change what you can change, but respect what you can’t change. Say YES to the reality!”


A few hours after this talk, he left us.  And I do always follow his last advice to me.


“…grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” 



In memory of my father,  Jan Erik Vinje.

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