Do you have enough joy in your life?

Part 6 of a series – How change led to a journey of self-discovery


“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair…”  (Susan Polis Schutz)


How often have you said to yourself “When I have done this I will be satisfied” only to achieve it and immediately say “OK, but when I have done this next thing I will be properly satisfied”.  As events move faster on our expeditions, we can get caught up in the next task, the next project, the next deliverable. Many of the companies I work with are growing fast and achieving amazing things in their marketplace, yet the primary daily feeling is stress.  It can be hard to feel motivated every day when it feels like we give so much to the challenges that we face.


Do we remember to celebrate our successes?  In particular, do we remember to make the most of our time with the people that mean most to us.  Taking time to stop, to share a moment, to create memories and to live life with joy – this is what gives us energy every day.  Sharing a glass (or two) of wine and laughing with people who are not just colleagues but friends. Looking back on events and being proud of myself and the things I did.  Enjoying with Jackie the freedom that I have created.


This is what made it all worthwhile.


Call to action:  Remember the joy

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