The value of understanding personal preferences

How well do you really know yourself? 


Understanding yourself better is the first step in personal development.  At Hansen Beck, we help our participants to do this through a range of activities.  We get them to review their outcomes – not only the task and result, but also their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  They also receive feedback showing them that they might be perceived differently by others.


Understanding yourself better enables you to focus on understanding others – the ways to positively influence, motivate or work with others collaboratively and cohesively. 


We find Insights Personal Preference Analysis invaluable as a tool to aid this understanding. 


Customers frequently ask me “Do we really need this tool?”


In my experience, both professionally with a broad range of companies and personally, understanding people is not obvious.  Individuals are often aware they have a “difficult” relationship with a colleague or are not connecting effectively. This can feel very personal with the conclusion being “we don’t like each other”.  Knowing what to do to improve the situation is difficult.    


Insights is so useful because it helps people to understand their own style and the impact this may have on others.  It also helps people to recognise the personal preferences of others and gives strategies to adapt and connect more effectively.


I have used many psychometric tools and models.  Insights generates significantly more traction. People remember it and, more importantly, use it to develop and improve their working relationships. 


Helen Anderson, who commissioned our team development programme wrote 12 months after the session:

“I just wanted to drop you an email as I have just spent the past 2 weeks sitting in on all our staff reviews …. I would say that pretty much 75% of people either referred directly to how useful and interesting the team development day had been, or indirectly, by referring to their colours preference, which I think is amazing….thank you!”


Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.  At Hansen Beck, we have a range of tools and training experiences to help you down that road. 

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