What makes a good salesperson?

 What makes a good sales person? 


A good sales person may have many different personal qualities. So what’s the key? Is it most important to know our strengths?  Or could it be the awareness of our most influential personality traits?  There are several answers to this question.  Read further to find out more.


 What makes you a good sales person?


Growing into a good sales person takes time. It’s a journey where you learn and discover your potential. When I embarked on this path of self-discovery, I was afraid that it might reveal exactly where my weaknesses and vulnerabilities were. So it was a challenge.  But I was determined to grow and to leave my comfort zone.


My second challenge was how to apply my findings in different sales situations, because we deal with different kinds of people throughout the sales cycle.

As you might expect, it is easier to interact with a person who has similar preferences. The conversation seems pleasant; it’s swimming in your comfort zone. It seems like you are on the same page.


You have the right set of questions, and you get the right set of answers. You understand what is said. You could say you are a good sales person at this moment.  However, next time, you could encounter an entirely different person. It is when you enter this more challenging sales stage that you discover your strengths and weaknesses as a sales person.




What are the qualities of a good sales person?

It is a combination of different qualities that contribute to becoming a successful sales person. Most of all, it is about how we make the customer feel. After all, we want them to achieve their goals, not our own. It is therefore important to think about the customer, as the customer holds the key.  Productive qualities include:

  • Desire to connect:  when you are genuinely interested in another person and their goals, they feel a connection. Genuine care for the other person helps to create a bond, which is important if you want to work together in the future.

  • Sincerity:  by asking insightful questions to the customer, we can learn from them and discover their goals, needs, and wants. Sincerity is an important factor in life, but also in sales, as it builds confidence and trust.

  • Resourcefulness:  having the confidence and ability to solve problems for our customers, no matter the obstacles. Resourcefulness is an important quality as it can bring innovative solutions to your customers. It is also part of having a positive attitude and of practical competence.

Stick to what feels natural to you and don’t try to force it, as this will work against you and what you stand for. Everyone has their own approach in sales, but in the end it is all about how you make your customer feel. If they are happy, they will buy from you and even recommend you to others. So think about the ways you can influence the customer in a conversation.


In the end it is all about the benefits to the customer, these may be either emotional or practical. In a nutshell, the success factors are not intrinsic qualities of the salesperson themself, but instead things that help, boost, or give security to the customer.


What are the attributes of a successful sales person?

We have talked about qualities of a good salesperson and the importance of influencing the customer, but I would also like to share my thoughts on which attributes make a successful sales person.

  1. Teamwork: the easiest path for me was always through teamwork. If you are a charismatic door opener and have a co-worker whos strong in intellect, take them to a meeting armed with (their) rational arguments. Then you are prepared for all sorts of situations. And you are still using your strengths.

  1. Learning new skills: unfortunately you cannot always rely on others. A more challenging way is through learning new skills. You can learn to recognise types of personalities across the table and adapt the communication accordingly.

  2. Get out of your comfort zone: when you use your strengths it is pure happiness in doing what you are best at. But keep in mind: You grow only when you get out of your comfort zone.

These are some of the attributes that have helped me during my sales journey. Again, I always keep the customer in mind. It is not about how amazing you are as a sales person, but it is about how you make customers feel about themselves. 

Daily routine of successful sales people


Each person is unique, which requires a routine that matches your personality and style. However, research has shown that successful sales people do include certain routines in their day-to-day lives.


  1. Time for yourself – Have some breakfast, listen to a podcast or do some stretching. A good day starts with a good routine, which includes time for yourself.
  2. Finish the hardest task – eat that frog before you start with anything else. When the most challenging task is out of the way, you’ll start your day smooth and strong.
  3. Focus time – plan your focus time. This could be different for each person. Maybe you work better in the morning, or during the afternoon. During this ‘focus time’ you’ll block out distractions and prioritise the tasks for the rest of the day. Time blocking helps to find your focus times and stick to them.
  4. Plan breaks – it can be easy to work non-stop and forget about the time. However, we humans are not built like robots and we need some time to reflect and relax. Whether it’s lunch or just listening to a podcast for 5 min, having several (small) breaks during the day will help you to be more proactive.
  5. Educate yourself – a good and successful sales person knows the latest trends and knowledge of the industry. Read books and blogs or listen to podcasts to keep educating yourself after you’re done with the actual work.


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