How can feedback change your life?

Part 2 of a 7-part series – How a journey of self discovery led to positive change.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  (Aristotle)


During a team development activity, a colleague I really respect, Barbara Lebar, gave me direct feedback.   “I don’t trust that you would have the difficult conversations when they need to be had”. I knew this to be true, but my first reaction was to feel a bit put-out and to make excuses for myself.  However, on reflection (and after confirmation from my wife!), I decided to take action. Professionally and personally I consciously put myself into situations where I had to address issues I had been avoiding.  I prepared in line with our training and I didn’t procrastinate. 


Was it difficult at first?  Yes. Did the first conversations all go well?  Not necessarily. Did it become easier with time?  Absolutely


As a result, when critical professional situations arose where tough conversations were required, I was able to take a lead.  I felt confident to say what I wanted and in the way, I wanted to say it.


Call to action:  Ask for feedback from 1-2 colleagues that you really respect and who you know will be honest and direct with you.  Accept this feedback and reflect on it. Pick 1 priority development area from your feedback and consciously work on it – practice, practice, practice.

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