Small Business Leadership Programme

5 X Why a small business leadership programme is something for you

As a small business owner it can be hard to take-on different roles, like being the sales person, the HR person and the manager of your company. Along the way, you hire people with their own specialties. 

Are you concerned that leadership is not your speciality? Well, it might be good to know that leadership is a skill, and it is something you can learn. So develop yourself as a leader and discover what you’re capable of.


How do I become a business leader for a small business?


Running and leading a business are two different things. 


So how do you lead a small business? Here are some tips that we found helpful:


  1. Work-life balance. If you’re not feeling well, your employees will notice and it will be hard to inspire them. So create a good work-life balance for yourself.
  2. Communication. This also means listening to what your employees have to say, engaging with them, asking questions and setting clear goals.
  3. Education. Increase your knowledge about leadership for small businesses and take courses, programmes etc. This will help you to gain fresh insights and build confidence. 


Is leadership required in small business?


We can’t lie, it can be hard being a (small) business owner. The first two years are usually the hardest years to grow your company, establish a brand and attract (good) staff.


But there are other questions you might ask yourself:

  • How do I attract new customers?
  • How do I retain my clients?
  • How do I find more time?
  • How do I manage my staff?


Because you are dealing with a lot as a business owner, it can be the case that you’re not focusing on leading and guiding your staff. Your staff can help you to attract new customers, retain your clients, and find more time, but only when you guide them with an effective leadership style.


So to answer the question: is leadership required in small business? Our research and experience have shown that leadership is required in any sort of business. Even if you’re struggling as a business owner, leadership can help with several aspects such as retaining existing staff but also developing  staff and increasing productivity. 




What makes a great leader in small business?


Let’s talk about the bright side of being your own boss. Because luckily, there is a lot.

Being a small business owner offers freedom. Freedom in making your own decisions, creating a dynamic place to work, and instilling your own values. 


It will teach you more skills than at any other job. That’s something you can benefit from the rest of your life. It will also give you endless opportunities for growth and development.


There are many benefits of having your own company, but what are the benefits for your employees as having you as their leader? 


Here are 5 things we found make a great leader in small business:


  1. Inspiring others 
  2. Setting clear goals
  3. Creating a clear vision and mission
  4. Knowing the strengths of themselves and of their employees
  5. Giving recognition to their employees


5 X Why a small business leadership programme is something for you


Without leadership, there is no room for growth and expansion. Especially for small business owners, who often have only a few employees, it is key to have a good and clear structure. To grow together as a team. 


Leadership is necessary to set a clear direction and to work towards goals together. Find our 5 reasons why to start with a small business leadership programme below. 


  1. To set a clear direction. This will help to motivate your staff and will lead to increased productivity. Set your goals together, as a team.
  2. To create a work environment which you and your employees love to work in.
  3. To inspire your employees. What is more fulfilling than inspiring others? You will learn how to help your employees motivate themselves and add value to their working days. 
  4. To learn new skills and develop yourself. You can learn to be a good leader, which will help you gain more success in the long run. 
  5. To gain more confidence as a leader. This will help you to build better relationships with staff, to be perceived as trustworthy, and to feel in control. 

Are you interested in taking one of our programs for professional development? Please find some more information here or contact us to explore more about the ways we can help you and your business.

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