The Key to Success: Our Own Imagination

The key to success and the power of imagination go hand in hand. This applies on a personal level as well as in the professional realm.  Imagine how you want your life to be and you will be able to have the right mindset to actually accomplish those goals. Have you ever had a situation where a […]

Transformational Leadership: The Benefits and How to Apply It

Unlocking the fullest potential of your employees. It all starts with (transformational) leadership and coaching. Unfortunately, there is no manual you can read that will transform you into a great leader. Leadership is a skill, which develops over time. It takes practice, a clear vision, responsibility and initiative.  What is transformational leadership? There are different […]

Leadership skills: what makes a great leader

If you think of a great leader, who do you think of? We all have our own perception of what a leader should look like, and maybe even what sort of personality traits that person has. It might not come as a surprise that many great leaders have a lot of their leadership skills in […]

Talent Development: the benefits of a proactive approach

It may not come as a surprise that there are a lot of benefits of managing the talents within the company. With a changing working environment during and after the pandemic,  hybrid and remote working has increased, and it is more important than ever to keep and attract talent. Talent Development plays an important part […]

Benefits of Networking: 5 X Why Networking is Important

Another networking event? We understand not all networking events are exciting and fun to go to. And let’s be honest, Networking Events are not really known for being people’s favourite activity. However, networking can be valuable and has a lot of benefits to it. And if you are lucky, you might attend a Networking Event […]

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching: how to motivate and bring out the best of your employees  Let’s start with a quote of Donald McGannon: leadership is an action, not a position. Our experiences show leadership and coaching go hand in hand, as you’re motivating your team and are unlocking their fullest potential. Positioning yourself as a leader is […]

How Making A Pair Of Wings Can Help You To Develop A Growth Mindset

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” - Paulo Coelho Coelho’s thoughts confirmed in my mind that having the correct mindset is the strongest, most powerful tool in achieving our dreams. This principle guides our practice at HansenBeck; we understand that as an individual, we must start with […]

The Importance Of Saying Yes To The Reality.

Inspiration or being inspired is the basic element when finding your inner motivation for what you do. You can be inspired by a good manager, a caring colleague, a loving spouse, or a dear friend. That inspiration is the source that “lights” your motivation. When you are motivated, you find real enjoyment in what you […]

Where Does Positive Motivation Come From And How Do We Use It?

I work with many companies in Japan on change management and turnaround projects. One question that often comes up is: “When do we start being successful?” The answer is simple: As soon as we recognize that people are becoming engaged and start to show commitment. Before this translates into financial results, one can see the […]

Who Should Close The Sale?

What are the steps in a typical sales cycle? Ask any sales professional, and you’re likely to get different answers … at least at the detailed level. Some images I found online: I noticed that some steps seem to be common to all or most depictions: First contact Discovery of needs/wants Preparation of an offering […]